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    Stop Fuel Theft, Prevent Diesel Spills, Avoid Overfilling And Save Your Company Thousands!

    TankSafe Anti Siphon Range
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    Why Fit TankSafe Anti-Siphons?

    TankSafe - Proven to be the most effective Fuel Security Devices.

    Independent testing by a leading specialist truck testing facility has confirmed the Tanksafe range to be the Most Effective Devices compared with other commonly available devices.

    Mi Technology tested and compared the effectiveness of the TankSafe range of devices against other anti-siphons on the market.

    Please see a summary of the findings below:

    • The TankSafe ‘Impregnable’ is designed to limit the amount of fuel that can be filled to prevent overfilling.
    • All tests were independently conducted by Mi Technology, a specialist truck testing facility
    • All tests were conducted on a standard 330litre fuel tank.
    • The TankSafe Range is protected by: Patents Pending: EP1807280; WO2009/127812; EP07732183.4; US12/239797.

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